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PHASE 1: Rural Health Workshop Presentation

June 22, 2023

 "Recruiting for Retention Workshop: A Rural Focus on Attracting & Finding Candidates and Retention Best Practices in Today’s Environment"

will be presented as a post-workshop learning session during the 2023 Rural Health Workshop.

Session Description:

This workshop will focus on navigating your recruitment and retention efforts in today’s workforce environment, including marketing your rural opportunity to candidates, managing your rural recruitment in a virtual world, and retention best practices that can position you as an employer of choice. We will discuss how the pandemic has impacted the healthcare workforce and changed the way we recruit. You will learn tips on developing a sourcing plan, email campaigns, virtual interviewing and time-saving tools that will help streamline your recruitment processes, particularly in a rural setting. We will also examine effective retention strategies and unique benefits that will help you develop a competitive retention plan.

PHASE 2: Readiness Assessments

August 2023 - November 2023

The Virtual Recruitment for Retention Readiness Assessment by 3RNET assesses how a facility and community engage and retain healthcare professionals. In addition to recognizing all the great practices, processes and attractions a facility and area provide, the assessment will give additional resources for best practices, help identifying unique selling points and ideas to invest in challenges.

Assessment Process Includes:

  • Participating in one virtual interview (1 hour) with representation from some or all of the following from the facility - Leadership, Community/Board, Recruiter/HR and Provider.

  • External audit by 3RNET staff includes web presence, sourcing, marketing.

  • Post-project virtual meeting to go over the results of the Assessment.

A participating facility will receive a basic assessment of your Recruitment for Retention readiness. This Assessment will be in a formathat is easily disseminated and will include:

  • An inventory of best practices already in place
  • A list of suggested best practices to implement
  • Strategies for overcoming barriers and challenges
  • Marketing strategies for your Unique Selling Points (USP)
  • Local and state resources to aid in your recruitment efforts
  • List of free and low-cost resources to aid in your recruitment efforts
  • A compilation of retention strategies
  • Ongoing support from 3RNET

Eligible Facilities:

    LRHA will select a total of nine (9) facilities, one (1) from each geographic region of Louisiana, to receive the 3RNET Virtual Recruitment for Retention Readiness Assessment: 3 Rural Health Clinics, 3 Rural Hospitals, and 3 Rural Federally Qualified Health Centers.  Participants will be selected by considering a number of factors, including: rural status, provider type, need, and geographic location.

    Applications will be open from July 10, 2023 through July 28, 2023.  Assessments will take place between August and November of 2023.

    PHASE 3: 3RNET Academy

    October 3, 2023 - December 12, 2023

    LRHA is proud to sponsor this year's 3RNET Academy to allow access FREE OF CHARGE to all Louisiana rural providers.  This year's theme will be "Guiding Your Recruitment Process: What Makes Your Organization Unique? Using Candidate Motivations to Strategically Recruit".  3RNET Academy will consist of six 90-minute webinars held between October 3 and December 12.   

    PHASE 4: Wrap up Webinar - Recruitment for Retention Readiness Assessment Overview

    December 20, 2023 | 12:00PM CT

    Lessons learned and knowledge gained from all nine (9) readiness assessments will be consolidated, analyzed, and presented by 3RNET in an open webinar in December 2023.  All rural providers are invited and encouraged to attend to learn best practices and resources to aid in attracting candidates for rural workforce recruitment and retention.

     Webinar Recording | PowerPoint

    About the Association

    Our Values

    • Integrity: We value transparency, build trust, and represent the interest of our collective membership.
    • Connection: We believe communication and relationships are critical for supporting our members.
    • Unity: We know that we can collectively impact lives of rural Louisianans through collaboration, representation, and advocacy.
    • Culture: We embody diversity, equity, and inclusion as we serve all in Rural Louisiana and leverage cultural assets as Healthcare Provider and community champions.
    • Action: We demonstrate our role as a rural health leader by serving with compassion, and embracing innovation in addressing the unique challenges of Rural Louisiana.


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