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2022 Rural Health Awards 

An Awards Event Celebrating Excellence in Rural Health

Each year LRHA honors outstanding individuals and organizations in the field of rural health who have dedicated their time and talents to improving the health and well-being of others. Previous recipients have stretched the boundaries of possibility by forging innovative programs and services, making rural life healthier and more compassionate. 

Awards Presentation and Recognition

The 2022 Rural Health Awards will be presented during the Awards Luncheon of the Louisiana Rural Health Summit on Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 12:00PM - 1:00PM. Awardees will be recognized, presented an award for display, and allowed time to speak during the Awards Luncheon. 

Rural Health Awards Categories

Outstanding Rural Health Organization

The Outstanding Rural Health Organization Award recognizes any community-based group or organization that has improved access to health services and information for rural people through innovative, comprehensive approaches. Factors considered include outreach, preventive health and education, quality and efficiency of care, and strong community support and involvement.

The Louisiana Rural Health Association is honored to name LaSalle General Hospital as the recipient of the 2022 Outstanding Rural Health Organization of the Year.

LaSalle General Hospital has always strived to provide the services needed in its community.  Like most communities across Louisiana and the country, substance use treatment became a much-needed service in LaSalle Parish.  Seeing the growing needs of their community, LaSalle General Hospital decided to take a proactive step to implement the New Vision™ program within the facility.

Learn more about the New Vision™ program and its significant, life-changing impact on the rural residents of LaSalle Parish.

Outstanding Rural Health Program

The Outstanding Rural Health Program Award recognizes a community, regional, or statewide program involving one or more health professionals or entities that promotes or facilitates the development of rural health delivery systems. Factors considered include coordination of services with other health care agencies to avoid duplication of services, networking and collaboration with other health care entities to achieve common goals, innovation in development and implementation, and lasting impact on populations and areas served.

The Louisiana Rural Health Association is honored to name Franklin Medical Center’s Orthopedic Surgery Program as the recipient of the 2022 Outstanding Rural Health Program of the Year.

A few years ago, Franklin Medical Center realized there was a lack of access to orthopedic surgery in their region. In Region 8, where the hospital is located, few hospitals provided this service, and only one facility provided services to patients with Medicaid or who were otherwise underinsured. Patients faced significant delays and often long travel distances to receive care. These patients often required orthopedic surgery to reduce chronic pain, and with the ongoing opioid epidemic, the hospital knew that delaying care for these patients could have serious consequences.

Learn more about the innovative Orthopedic Surgery Program implemented at Franklin Medical Center to provide much-needed patient care to their community.

Rural Health Professional of the Year

The Rural Health Professional of the Year recognizes a rural health care leader, or a community rural health care delivery practice (CAH, CHC or RHC) for contribution/leadership in health care services throughout rural communities. Efforts taken into consideration include providing outstanding leadership, community involvement, lasting contributions to the health care system, and outreach efforts.

The Louisiana Rural Health Association is honored to name Infection Prevention and Control Coordinator Peggy Millsap, CLS (ASCP, NCA), as the 2022 Rural Health Professional of the Year.

Peg (known to her colleagues as “Peg”) has been described as a risk-taker who uses out-of-box thinking; a creative, energetic, humble, authentic, assertive, tactful, and bold educator and listener. In addition to her regular duties as an Infection Prevention and Control Coordinator at Union General Hospital, Peg was appointed to represent the hospital as Union Parish’s community spokesperson under the “Community COVID-19 Awareness Outreach Program Grant” and the “Antibiotic Stewardship Grant.” Peg has also had several civic engagement opportunities outside the confines of the grants, which was an excellent opportunity to improve conditions that influence health within the surrounding parish.

Learn more about Peg’s work to support her local rural community.

About the Association

Our Values

  • Integrity: We value transparency, build trust, and represent the interest of our collective membership.
  • Connection: We believe communication and relationships are critical for supporting our members.
  • Unity: We know that we can collectively impact lives of rural Louisianans through collaboration, representation, and advocacy.
  • Culture: We embody diversity, equity, and inclusion as we serve all in Rural Louisiana and leverage cultural assets as Healthcare Provider and community champions.
  • Action: We demonstrate our role as a rural health leader by serving with compassion, and embracing innovation in addressing the unique challenges of Rural Louisiana.


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